The Seasons of the Heart

Spring is within me. It’s a season of the heart unlike any other. I have felt it many times. In the past, I have ignored it. Thought to myself, “It’s too early for this Spring,” or, “I’m too old for this Spring.” But THIS Spring, surges through me and asks me to love it. It says that if I love it, it will love me back. So, I have decided to love this Spring.

This Spring began moving within in me, pushing toward the surface of who I am, last February. It started with an accident, the recovery from which defined the next year of my life. It began as an inkling while I lay quiet in my recliner at home growing a new bone in my arm. It was just a rustle in the leaves then. The barest movement in the detritus of the ground of me, but I could sense it completely. It had my full attention.

As my bone grew, my attention moved this way and that. It wandered then returned to the every day way of life. The task of recovery took precedence over the Spring that bloomed within me. But, like any true Spring, the momentum of it went underground and began it’s long push up. Now, as the earthly Spring approaches, the longer days seem to quicken that season within me. No longer as tethered to the activity of recovery, my heart and head turn toward the stirrings I have inside.

My Prompt for you is this: What season lives within you today? Is an inner Spring pulling something new from your bones? Are you lush with the fruit and warmth of a Summer within? Are you in the thralls of an inward Autumn? Letting go of old, weary pieces of yourself as they fall soft to the earth? Or are you quiet and dreamful in the dark of some personal Winter?

 Share your thoughts! Share a poem! Tell us about the Season of YOUR Heart……

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 All my best,