Hi, I’m Julianna Waters and I’m happy you’ve made your way to my website. I’m excited to share my creative world and hope you find a little something buried here that resonates with you.

I wrote my first story in third grade with a number two pencil on white binder paper. It was everything you might expect from a horse-crazy little girl growing up in the ‘60s: A romantic heroine, a secret plan to escape an overbearing father and a devoted black stallion. As schlocky as the story was, I experienced being totally immersed in a world I created for the first time and I’ve been creating world ever since.

Music, too has had a huge place in my life. I never made an actual decision to write songs, they just seemed to naturally flow through me and I’m grateful for that every day. Songwriting is different from writing poetry or prose. It comes from the same creative place, sure, but it’s expressed through the body when you sing and can be incredibly healing that way. Think about the times you’ve played and sung the same song by your favorite artist over and over again because the words and melody spoke to you. Writing songs is the same thing times a thousand.

I’m a two- headed artist. Maybe you are, too. Or maybe you’re a three or four-headed who-knows-what kind of person. We’re all expressing ourselves all the time in our own ways. I invite you to take a few moments to explore this site with the hope that you’ll find something that inspires, soothes, jolts or simply entertains.

Thanks much,